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Current islet isolation methods rely on enzymatic digestion of pancreatic tissue. When enough islets are liberated, the digestion process has to be stopped to avoid damage to the islets. Current collection processes rely on quick cooling and enzyme dilution to achieve this.

The Clessidra Rotator is a novel alternative to conventional islet collection, where dilution is not used to stop the digestion process. The Clessidra’s two chambers, top and bottom, are connected by a small pinhole that minimizes diffusion between them. Like an hour-glass, the pure islets will precipitate and pass through the pinhole, from the top chamber containing the activate enzyme to the bottom, where there is no enzyme. The rotator mechanism creates a slow precession movement that ensures no islets are left stuck to the walls of the device. When the process is complete, all islets will be collected at the bottom of the clessidra in an enzyme free media.

The clessidra method minimizes dilution of the preparation during the collection process, which translates in a reduction of centrifuge cycles required to concentrate the islets.


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