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The PRISM (PancReatic Islet Separation Method) is a device that automates a robust islet isolation protocol based on familiar solutions and processes. By means of an interactive software interface and wizard, which can be operated via the touchscreen, the software controls various components that go through the isolation process.  The hardware components that control the device include pumps, valves, centrifuges, cooling water bath, infusion bag heater, camera systems, pressure and temperature sensors. All this is brought together in a single device, allowing for smooth interaction between the different components.

The PRISM is designed to make islet isolation much more effcient. Laborious, manual steps in traditional isolations are streamlined in one machine. One user can control the process through a clear, logical software wizard.


• Fast isolations – lights ON- lights OFF times: 3-4 hrs
• A closed, in-line system: One disposable set per procedure minimizes contamination risks
• Intuitive machine interface for creation of automated and standardized protocols.
• Utilizes familiar solutions for ease of integration into existing protocols
• Reduced laboratory head count- Operable by just 1 user (plus optional 0.5 controller)
• Eliminates the need to continue using the COBE 2991



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