Biorep Diabetes Unveils the Perifusion System

July 8, 2019 – MIAMI LAKES – Biorep Diabetes, a medical device development company, today announced the release of its latest biomedical tool used to study cell secretions – the Perifusion System. With a commitment to defeating diabetes, the Perifusion System was designed, developed, and manufactured to empower medical researchers in their quest for a cure with a more efficient and capable instrument. In addition to serving diabetes researchers, the Perifusion System is beneficial for other researchers studying cell secretions and other cell functions, for example stem cell derived insulin-secreting cells.

“In pursuit of our continued advancement, Biorep Diabetes developed the Perifusion v5 to align with the customer feedback we’ve received from industry and academic partnerships,” said Felipe Echeverri, Managing Director of Biorep Technologies. “The Perifusion v5 has enhanced functionality (gradients), reliability (active bubble trap), flexibility (up to 12 independent channels), efficiency (visual protocol confirmation), and usability (intuitive software interface).”

The Perifusion System is used to perform ex vivo testing of islets of Langerhans or cells. These micro-organs act as natural glucose sensors in the pancreas. Biorep Diabetes developed this state-of-the-art technology which enables a group of islets to be bathed with different solutions containing varying concentrations of glucose and/or test substances in a controlled environment.

The perfusing fluid is pushed by a peristaltic pump through the perifusion chambers which contain the islets or cells, and the perfusate is collected in a 96-well plate for further analysis. The sample collection is performed automatically accordingly to the number of perifusion chambers in use and the preset sampling rate.

Biorep Diabetes first revolutionized the study of cells in 2004 with the introduction of the Perifusion System. Since then, the company has sold hundreds of units to both academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies. Now in its 25th year, Biorep Diabetes’ latest device delivers an innovative new way to study cell secretions with updated capabilities including: the use of 12 different input source solutions and 12 different chambers in parallel, the ability to create multiple linear glucose gradients, a 12-channel bubble trap, and an all-new intuitive user interface.

“Our goal with the Perifusion System v5 is to redefine the way Perifusion GSIS (Glucose-Stimulated Insulin Secretion) experiments are performed and to lead the way in performing ex vivo testing of islets of Langerhans or cells,” said Echeverri.

Biorep Diabetes is subsidiary to Biorep Technologies, a medical device development company focused on offering the single source solution for healthcare professionals and researchers worldwide. Announced earlier this year, the company was recently reorganized into two business units, Biorep Technologies, and Biorep Diabetes, as the company focuses on transitioning from solely islet isolation and transplantation technologies to being a provider of medical device product development services.

Biorep is now taking orders for the Perifusion System v5. To learn more about the Perifusion System v5 and Biorep, please visit or call (305) 330- 4449.

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