Miami Lakes, FL, Jan 22, 2023 — Biorep Technologies, Inc., leading provider of scientific instruments that help leading universities and pharmaceutical companies research the cure for Type 1 diabetes, and Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), a modern university medical center for research, education and patient care with a high-quality profile and a strong scientific orientation, have entered into a joint collaboration to bring the PRISM (PancReatic Islet Separation Method) to the diabetes research community.

Islet isolations are technically complex, lengthy, expensive, and require a high expertise level from its operators. A low islet yield and/or poor islet quality that is frequently observed, results in a high risk that the isolated islets will not be transplanted.

A new, closed method of tissue collection, washing, buffer change and islet purification termed PRISM (PancReatic Islet Separation Method) was developed by Marten Engelse, PhD, Jason Doppenberg, PhD, Rutger van Rooden, MSc, and Prof. Eelco Koning, from the LUMC and have partnered with Biorep for manufacturing and commercialization. PRISM is a novel islet isolation technique that represents a significant improvement in islet isolation efficiency.

“With this joint collaboration, Biorep will leverage LUMC’s technology and provide an integrated system for digestion, dilution, washing, and purification of functional allogeneic islets,” said Dr. Marten A. Engelse, Head of Laboratory for Regenerative Medicine and Laboratory for Pancreatic Islet Transplantation, LUMC.
Biorep’s core company philosophy centers in collaboration with researchers around the world. With LUMC’s PRISM technology, Biorep’s customers will be able to create highly standardized and automated isolations.

“We are thrilled to formalize our partnership with the LUMC, whose cutting-edge research is bringing the field closer to a biological cure for Type 1 diabetes,” said Felipe Echeverri, CEO, Biorep Technologies, Inc. By integrating Biorep’s engineering expertise with LUMC’s scientific rigor, together we will be helping researchers unlock islet transplantation as a clinical treatment for Type 1 diabetes which affects more than 8.4 million people globally and is the 9th leading cause of death worldwide.

Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs either when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or when the body cannot effectively use the insulin it produces. Biorep’s product suite, installed at customer sites globally, pioneers industry-wide research to gain insights into islet transplantation as potential treatment to reverse type 1 diabetes. The company’s instruments streamline and automate the process of isolating islet cells from a donor pancreas, which is an essential part of cure-focused diabetes research.

About Biorep Technologies
Biorep Technologies, Inc., was founded in 1994 as a privately owned family business with the mission to help the Diabetes Research Institute (DRI) with their research efforts to find the biological cure for Type 1 diabetes. As a full-service development firm, Biorep has an exclusive focus on medical products and over 25 years of experience developing medical devices. Biorep is ISO 13485 certified and FDA registered. For more information, visit

About Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC)
The Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) is a modern university medical center for research, education and patient care with a high-quality profile and a strong scientific orientation. LUMC is affiliated with Leiden University. They contribute to the improvement of medicine and healthcare.
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