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This vacuum chamber is useful for vacuum, drying, degassing, and teaching demonstrations. The chamber top is molded of clear polyetherimide for full visibility and will withstand a full vacuum at room temperature. A strong aluminum plate with a neoprene gaskets seals against the chamber’s edge. There is no need to connect any external air lines since it has an internal compressor. Both the vacuum rate as well as the release rate can be accurately controlled with precision needle valves. Fast vacuum release is also possible by pressing the fastrelease push-button.

    • Includes amber polyetherimide jar with excellent chemical resistance to acids, bases, aliphatic alcohols and hydrocarbons, and saturated halogenated hydrocarbons
    • Can be used with 6”, 9”, or 12” OD bell jars
    • Includes 0.24cm (3/32”) thick neoprene gaskets
    • Maximum vacuum rating is 760 mmHg
    • 11mm large, digital, two-color LED display
    • Choose from four different pressure units

Note: Do not autoclave the jar. Do not use with unsaturated halogenated hydrocarbons.


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