Refrigerated/Heated Circulating Bath

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Refrigerated/Heated Circulating Bath

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Ref. CH1-115

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The icon-driven interface leads you through menus, functions and options, enabling you to make any adjustments even with your gloves on. All screens and menus, including on-screen help, can be displayed in any of six different languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, or Arabic). Optimization is automatic or it can be user adjusted to fit your specific needs.

Advanced Programmable Controller provides five-point temperature calibration capability. Connectivity includes USB-A and B, RS232/485, Ethernet, as well as readily external probe capable. Time/temperature programming (ten 100-step), along with event scheduling (time and date), real-time clock and temperature trends (for up to 10 days) included. Variable speed pump allows for both open and closed loop connection. Drain ports make it easy to remove liquids from the baths, and the washable air filter helps keep the circulator energy-efficient and running at peak performance.

The unique rotating controller on the bath lets you move the extra large temperature display 10.9cm (45/16″) independently from the bath, enabling you to clearly read the display from anywhere within a 180° viewing radius with the press of a button.

The lid stowing system gives the lid a convenient place to perch while you add liquid or work with samples, without interfering with the controller viewing or operation. Condensation drains back into the reservoir as well, keeping lab benches clean, dry and uncluttered.

The precision-molded phenolic bath top remains cooler at high temperatures and resists laboratory chemicals. Easy to clean, disinfect and maintain.

The unique environmental control system reduces noise levels below conversational speech at a distance of two meters. The adaptive environmental technology optimizes performance, reducing overall energy consumption and prolonging equipment life.

Ordering Information: 240V, 50Hz models are also available; contact Biorep for more information.

ETL listed. CE marked. Complies with DIN 12876-1 Class III safety requirements for use with flammable liquids.



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