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The PERI5 Perifusion System is used to perform ex vivo testing of islets of Langerhans or cells. These micro-organs act as natural glucose sensors in the pancreas. The PERI5 Perifusion System which enables a group of islets to be bathed with up to twelve different solutions containing varying concentrations of glucose and/or test substances in a controlled environment.

The perfusing fluid is pushed by a peristaltic pump through the perifusion chambers which contain the islets, cells, or pancreas slices, and the perfusate is collected in a 96-well plate for further analysis. The sample collection is performed automatically accordingly to the number of perifusion chambers in use and the preset sampling rate. The system can accommodate up to twelve perifusion chambers in parallel. The collection plate can be kept at the desired temperature by recirculating chilled water or alcohol by using an integrated pump.

This perifusion system was originally thought to study pancreatic islets ex vivo. Since then, its usefulness has grown and it’s being utilized to study other cell functions, for example, stem cell-derived insulin-secreting cells or pancreas slices. This machine is so versatile that it has been coupled to a tandem mass spectrometer to identify new molecules secreted from pancreatic islets.

Intuitive access to powerful functions:

• Large, bright, interactive touch interface for all perifusion functions
• Glove-friendly
• Simple and quick protocol definition
• Plate-by-plate visual protocol entry confirmation
• Quick recall of pre-saved protocols
• User access control and security with optional password protection, ideal for multi-user environments
• Onboard software logs users, run conditions, and alarms
• Built-in odometer to track run-time
• Easy report generation


New PERI5 features:

• New disposable microfluidic manifold
• Ability to use 12 different input source solutions
• Ability to run 12 different chambers in parallel
• Ability to create multiple linear glucose gradients
• 12-channel bubble trap
• All-new intuitive user interface


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