Perifusion System – PERI-Lite

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Perifusion System – PERI-Lite

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The PERI-Lite Perifusion System is used to perform in-vitro testing of islets of Langerhans. These cells act as natural sensors of glucose in the pancreas. This entry level Perifusion System enables a group of islets to be bathed with up to four different solutions containing varying concentrations of glucose and/or secretagogues in a controlled temperature environment.

The perfusing fluid is pushed by a peristaltic pump through the perifusion chambers which contain the islets, cells, or pancreas slices, and the perfusate is collected in a 96-well plate for further analysis. The sample collection is performed automatically accordingly to the number of perifusion chambers in use and the preset sampling rate. The system can accommodate up to four perifusion chambers in parallel.

This perifusion system was originally thought to study pancreatic islets ex vivo. Since then, its usefulness has grown and it’s being utilized to study other cell functions, for example, stem cell-derived insulin-secreting cells or pancreas slices. This machine is so versatile that it has been coupled to a tandem mass spectrometer to identify new molecules secreted from pancreatic islets.

• Designed to perform in-vitro testing of islets of Langerhans
• 4 independent perifusion chambers hold up to 100 islets or chambers that hold a 5 mm x 5mm pancreas slice
• Supports standard or deep 96-well-plates
• Peristaltic pump for calibrated and equal flow rate on all 4 chambers
• Incubator maintains 37°C +/- 1°C across all perifusion chambers
• Run controlled and repeatable perifusion experiments under programmable conditions
• Patented microfluidic manifold supports up to 4 input solutions x 1 output channel.
• Intuitive software allows for powerful multi-parameter protocol creation, experiment execution, report generation, and guided system maintenance


New PERI-Lite features:

• Ability to use 4 different input source solutions
• Ability to run 1 solution at any given time
• All-new intuitive user interface


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