Medical Product Development


Biorep provides elegant, robust, and manufacturable design solutions for finished devices, full prototypes, and components. Our experienced technical team is well-equipped with engineering design and analysis tools to ensure the functionality and quality of the end product. Our focused expertise and extensive industry experience allows us to customize our development approach to each project for the quickest learning curves and most efficient timelines.

Biorep has developed two stand-alone processes to help you brainstorm solutions and reduce technical risk so you can iterate your design and get your innovation to market, faster.

Our Biorep Design Review Service can reduce technical risk by forging a path for optimizing medical device designs at any stage.

Our skilled, objective team can conduct a systematic review and recommend opportunities to refine your product design, improve manufacturing processes, address yield issues, and reduce costs. The result is a summary report with recommendations to reduce risk and improve design reliability.

Deep Dive Session is a refined brainstorming event that can deliver rapid response, creative concepts, and breakthrough solutions.

Biorep can meet with your team for a one-day collaboration focused on a specific topic or challenge. The result is a comprehensive summary report that helps you plan for future development.



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