Lab Testing Services

Lab Testing Services

In addition to contract sterilization services, Biorep coordinates contract laboratory testing services including, testing within a validation as well as for routine monitoring purposes. Biorep has established long-term relationships with several ISO/IEC 17025 accredited contract testing laboratories that are proven to be highly qualified and reliable. Partnering with Biorep for laboratory testing helps you reduce the time and costs associated with managing an additional vendor.

Biorep will work with you to determine the most appropriate test methods, procedures, and regulatory issues your device may encounter.

Laboratory Testing:

  • Bioburden testing
  • Microbial identification
  • Product sterility testing
  • BI sterility testing
  • Ethylene oxide residuals testing
  • Endotoxin testing
  • Gravimetric analysis
  • Cytotoxicity testing

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