Biorep BCLEANsm services provide a flexible model for medical device cleaning, assembly, and packaging.  Before parts arrive in our cleanroom for assembly and packaging, they can be cleaned to remove contaminants and minimize bioburden. Our flexible BCLEANsm approach means we recommend just the right cleaning method for the materials and devices being assembled based on current industry standards and your requirements. Biorep offers a wide range of BCLEANsm medical device passivation and cleaning services to ensure that your components meet the highest industry standards for cleanliness before assembly and packaging.

Our BCLEANsm capabilities include:

  • Ultrapure DI water system
  • Solvent and detergent cleaning
  •  Ultrasonic cleaning
  • IPA wipe or dip
  • Cleaning process validation studies
  • Cleaning validations for product families

Choosing the most appropriate method for cleaning a part, as well as choosing the required testing for demonstrating cleanliness can be challenging. Our team is experienced at helping clients create project plans that are consistent with regulations as well as sensitive to your costs and timelines.  Biorep can provide clients with guidelines to help you make the appropriate choices.


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